Reputation Management Institute is the first institute established in Turkey to conduct independent studies on reputation management. The founding aim of the institution is to become a nonprofit organization conducting scientific, technical, social and cultural activities on reputation management and to create a society consisting of individuals, communities, institutions and organizations having national and universal values.
Vision of the Institute is to become an objective, reliable and active organization operating on national and international levels. The Institute, regarding reputation concept as one of the most valuable possessions of individuals and institutions for their social positions and sustainability of their relations, conducts its activities in line with the following principles:
a) Helps to create social, national and universal structures consisting of more reputable individuals, communities, institutions and organizations
b) Conducts awareness studies and molds public opinion with respect to its priorities and fields of activity
c) Helps to raise the reputable future leaders of society
d) Operates on local, regional, national and international levels, supports international cooperation
e) Supports cooperation and partnership between public sector, private sector, universities, nongovernmental organizations and individuals
f) In accordance with the principle of participation, the Institution primarily supports and gives extra importance to the participation of youth, women, children, the handicapped and the disadvantaged groups in society in the activities as actors and beneficiaries
g) Supports social participation and improvement of personal competencies
h) In accordance with the concept of “corporate citizenship”, the Institute promotes corporations to be in a total harmony with the law, ethical norms and human rights in their actions and to minimize the harms they can cause on environment. It supports corporations to be conscious of the fact that their activities affect the world, the nongovernmental organizations and the public; hence they shall be working in cooperation with all those stakeholders. In this context, the Institution advocates creating a “corporate citizenship” consciousness and transparency.
i) It protects the rights of its members, increases their prosperity and contributes their training and improvement.

It is engaged in the individual and corporate reputation management areas and their natural, complementary and inseparable parts: public relations, communications, ethics, trademark – patent, advertising, media, human resources, career, public opinion researches, counseling, strategy, international relations, corporate social responsibility, sponsorship, internet, social networks, corporate citizenship, protection of environment, risk management, governance, entrepreneurship and leadership. Participation of the youth, women, children, the handicapped and all disadvantaged groups in the society in the activities as actors and beneficiaries is given extra importance. In that sense:
a) Performs informatory and consciousness raising activities (making electronic and printed publications, organizing courses and certificate programs, panels, workshops, symposiums, congresses etc.)
b) Conducts activities to enhance administrative, technical and human resources capacities in our country (organizing training programs, forming academics, providing investigation and research supports, scholarships, creating and publishing web sites, founding and managing laboratories and other facilities)
c) Actively participates in and contributes to the processes such as forming regulations, standards and guidelines. It follows incoming events and takes any necessary steps with respect to them
d) Conducts public opinion researches and surveys.
e) Organizes award ceremonies.
f) Carries out projects with stakeholders.
g) Provides counseling, arbitration and expertise services.

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